XNERG™ Launches Tido, a Novel Solution to Combat Insomnia in Malaysia

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In Malaysia, the acceleration of life's pace and the increase in work pressure have made insomnia a growing public health issue. Recent health surveys indicate that approximately 35% of Malaysian adults are affected by insomnia, a figure that is relatively high on a global scale. In response to this challenge, XNERG™, a brand under the Malaysian e-commerce company ABEZT™, has launched an innovative sleep aid product named Tido, designed to offer effective solutions for sleep improvement and lead new trends in healthy living.

The launch of Tido comes at a time when public attention to healthy sleep is increasing and the demand for sleep aids is growing. Tido stands out in the market with its distinctive formula comprising five core ingredients, with the key player being Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN). Scientific research has confirmed NMN's notable effects on cellular repair and DNA stability. Together with the carefully selected other four ingredients, Tido forms its unique all-encompassing care formula.

Among these five key ingredients, the South African Devil's Thorn stands out as another crucial element, renowned for its ability to enhance sleep quality, improve memory, and alleviate stress and anxiety. The third major component, Soy Phosphatidylserine, is believed to contribute to mood improvement, promote healthy sleep, and alleviate depressive feelings, slowing down age-related memory loss. Walnut Peptide, as the fourth major ingredient, infuses Tido's formula with the power to reduce depression, lower the risk of heart disease, and improve declining brain function. Lastly, the addition of Magnesium Oxide helps alleviate stress and anxiety, lower blood sugar levels, and mitigate symptoms such as headaches."

Since its launch, Tido has received positive feedback from numerous consumers, and its effectiveness is widely recognized. For instance, a 35-year-old marketing consultant, Mr. Zhang, shared his experience: "Since I started using Tido, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my sleep pattern. I wake up feeling more refreshed in the morning, and my overall work efficiency has increased." Another user, a 42-year-old freelancer, Ms. Sor, said, "Tido has not only solved my long-standing difficulty in falling asleep but also enhanced my attention and vitality in everyday life."

The introduction of Tido has not only addressed individual sleep issues but also garnered widespread attention at the societal level. The R&D team at XNERG™ emphasizes, "Our goal is not only to create a sleep aid product but more importantly, to improve the overall quality of life for people. The development of Tido is based on comprehensive scientific research and real user feedback, providing the public with a holistic solution for sleep improvement."

As a burgeoning force in the sleep aid market, XNERG™ is actively collaborating with health experts and medical institutions, dedicated to research and innovation, to ensure that Tido can meet the evolving needs and health trends of the market. Throughout this process, XNERG™ consistently upholds its core philosophy — “Devoted to Energizing Career Warriors”. As a brand under the Malaysian e-commerce company ABEZT™, specializing in energy, vitality, health products, XNERG™ taps into the essence of nature, combining it with innovative science and cutting-edge technology. The brand embraces the sublime mission of crafting efficient health solutions for the modern urban population.

Through these efforts, XNERG™ is enhancing public awareness of the relationship between sleep quality and overall health and encouraging more people to focus on and improve their sleep habits. The launch of Tido not only demonstrates XNERG™'s commitment to elevating public health standards but also signifies its leadership in the global health industry.

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Tido, a masterpiece from XNERG™, ushers in restful nights and energized mornings for you.

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End your struggle with sleepless nights; discover the comfort of uninterrupted sleep with Tido.

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