Financial Advisor for Today’s Market is Interviewed by Host Victor Kostroub on the Mentors by Design Podcast

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06/07/2023, Tacoma, WA // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

Ken Goldberg is the Founder at DSE Trading and a registered investment advisor. He has been in the financial market industry for four decades achieving high accolades and strong returns on investments for his clients.

Goldberg’s focus is looking at the psychological and herding behaviors when it comes to investing in financial markets. Goldberg suggests that we are far from a recovered economy. “We study market behavior further back than most people. We study market behavior going back 300 years, before the 1700’s. We put that all together and we developed these algorithms that search for 300 years of data that looks for repeating patterns. Since there are hundreds of millions of people investing all at the same time, we act the same…We can see this in the prices of investment asset classes whether it is real estate. Or Bitcoin,” explained Goldberg

A question that is on the minds of many is what we can expect for financial markets in 2023 and 2024. Goldberg gives his advice based on his expertise and the use of historical facts and trends. “If you are in the market, you are caught up in the decline. People want to hear that it is over and that people can begin buying again. History shows that it is not done. 2023 is not going to be a fun year. Somewhere around late 2023 to early 2024…10-16 months from now, this is when we will see a low in the market. The market produces a low before the economy. The economy probably will not follow with its low until about later in 2024. This is what the history is showing us,” Goldberg further explained.

Goldberg stresses that people need to educate themselves as they make decisions and limit too much media noise. “We have to be careful that we don’t let the news…take control of our common sense. We need to hear and see through that so that we can get a clear plan of what we should do. ‘Are interest rates done rising?’ They are going to back off some time later in 2023. The rest of this decade our interest rate will go much higher than the four percent level,” Goldberg forecasts.

Studying crowd behavior has been a key indicator for Goldberg’s ability to understand financial markets. “The mood of the crowd determines the prices. It’s not the fundamentals that people think…When we are happy as a crowd…secure in our job, happy with our relationship, we are in a good mood and we buy stuff…The problem is, very few of us are trained to look for the red flags, ‘What are the warning signs? This is where we help our clients. Warning about the warning,” Goldberg said confidently.

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In this podcast, the host covers:

Is the worst of the economy over or is there more still to come?

Do you think that we can expect the interest rates getting lower by the end of 2023?

What is the relationship between interest rates and inflation?

Many people recommend not investing when the crowd says, but when the market is opposite. Do you recommend this strategy?

Once the recession passes, we should see the economy rebound, correct?

What should our listeners do if they want more specific and personal help from you?

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