Front Porch Party Whisperer Optimizes Bridal Events With Expert Consultations

Robin Summerlin aka the “Front Porch Party Whisperer”  knows a thing or two about bridal events.  Not only that, but as the legendary restaurateur of the “Front Porch Restaurant” formerly located down east in North Carolina, event planning has always been his specialty.

Today, as the owner of Front Porch Party Rentals, he has expanded his services to include bridal event consultations and is sharing his in-depth knowledge, and high value resources with brides.

In other words, a bride-to-be can hire Robin to provide an hourly consultation that is pre-emptive and risk mitigating. The bride benefits in that a seasoned professional can privately and securely address any concerns and answer all questions prior to rolling out the wedding plan.

Consultations are delivered “live and in-person” or online via Zoom  but only with pre-scheduled appointments.

Robin’s natural warm and friendly demeanor will put any bride at ease.  He says, “Brides are often nervous and sometimes afraid to make decisions. They receive a lot of input from well intentioned friends and family members. While most of these folks are not educated in organizing wedding events, their input is “free” and prolific.  More often than not, it is also largely inadequate.  He adds, “Regrettably,  the bride can become paralyzed with information overload. Furthermore, family members are not objective about the use of vendors.  For example,  just because Aunt Sally makes yummy cakes for the local girl scout bake sale, this does not automatically make her the top candidate to produce the wedding cake.”

He adds, “I have been in the event planning ‘hot-seat’ for decades. Also, I am  in the  business of preventing failures in  a diverse portfolio of events I currently facilitate.  More specifically, and in this case, the wedding event planning process is my focus. Summarily, I have one objective and that is to help my client, the bride, achieve a dream wedding”.

We agree, that experience is a dear teacher. Robin’s consultative wisdom will result in a better preview of the bride’s event, resulting in an optimal plan, such that the  risk of being hamstrung later by worrisome details is minimized.

Of course, the Front Porch Party Whisperer is available to do “trouble shooting” right up to the day of the wedding on a fee-for-service  basis  that is booked in advance.  Robin states emphatically,  ” Inevitably, something quirky can pop up for an already nervous bride.  This is why I can make my services available in 3 to 6  hour blocks even a day before or  on the day of the wedding.”

He continues, “Troubleshooting at the 11th hour does not frazzle me but I assure you that it is guaranteed to ignite nerves in some members of the bridal party, if not the bride and the groom.”

So, if one is a  bride-elect and is dreaming of  planning the perfect wedding, Robin may truly be her new “bestie”.

It is important to note that Robin earned the “Front Porch Party Whisperer” name through years of focused  attention to details that has culminated in successful events.  His repertoire of clients includes  corporations,  not-for-profits, churches, associations, private family  gatherings  and of course wedding events.

In general, Robin’s event planning consultations include an initial strategic assessment with the bride-to-be.  Later other individuals, such as hired wedding planners, vendors, etc., may be also  included in additional consultations should the bride choose to do so.  A plethora of tactical aspects  that dovetail with the strategic wedding plan may include some of the following; the wedding event type desired, i.e., inside or outside? Then of course, the location and facility are identified plus vetted by an expert as to whether the guest list can be accommodated. Since there is pent-up demand today for facilities, alternative locations must be considered. Questions are formulated relative to many considerations including the basics of  tables & chairs, table cloths, tabletop decor, types of  tables, advice on budgets, selection of vendors who supply anything from florals, to bridal gifts, bridal party make-up, catering services, wine service, ministers, wedding vocalists, post-wedding ceremony party entertainment venues, bride and groom specialty gift items, mobility options for guests that are accompanied by walkers and wheelchairs, wedding directors and many other details that will make one’s wedding more distinctive.  

With Robin, aka the “Front Porch Party Whisperer” the bride-elect  will walk away from the bridal consultation with a much better planning vision along with tactical resources.

Robin says, “While weddings should always be wonderful and joyous, especially for the bride and groom, as previously stated, unanticipated snafus can and will occur”. Suffice it to say, the “Front Porch Party Whisperer” will give brides peace of mind.  

Some say that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but with today’s supply chain shortages, the “Front Porch Party Whisperer” may become the bride’s “bestie”. He has access to resources brides cannot even locate or access due to shortages.

In summary, a bride can still have the perfect wedding. Her special day is just one consultation away. 

Go ahead! Make your wedding day perfect with the “Front Porch Party Whisperer”. 

Contact Robin, the “Front Porch Party Whisperer” straight away today!

Mobile: 910.876.4433

Email: [email protected]


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