Investing 101: How to get started in real estate

Investing 101: How to get started in real estatePhoto by Bernard Hermant

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Real estate is consistently one of the best investments that you can make.

Sure, the market has ups and downs, like any other, but there’s never a time that people won’t need shelter and property. as such, you should learn how to get started in real estate, so you can make it a cornerstone of your investment strategy.

Read on to learn more about this field of investing, what it entails, and how you can capitalize.

1. Learn Personal Finance and Improve Your Credit Score

You don’t need to be rich to get into real estate, but you do need to have a grasp on your finances. The first piece of the puzzle is often to get a loan for a piece of property, which requires you to have your credit in order.

Explore your options for private money lenders for residential real estate as well, and the terms they offer. You can also look into loans with the big banks, starting with the financial institution that you already bank with.

Credit unions are often one fo the best resources when it comes to finding a real estate loan, so make sure to explore the terms available.

You should also get to know your personal debt and credit situation before moving forward. You can get your credit score up by paying off by pulling your credit score and paying off your current debts.

Start learning the principles of personal finance and saving money so that you’re able to navigate the real estate field and any other form of investing.

2. Purchase a Property to Rent Out

Renting out a property is one of the best ways to dip your toe into the real estate water. You can acquire a residential property in your area and rent it out to a family or individual each month so that you have another stream of income.

One of the best ways to maximize this idea is by acquiring a multi-family property. When you purchase a duplex or a property with three to four units, you’re collecting multiple rents, thus, increasing your revenue each month.

Several people have built wealth this way, and you can as well once you get approved for a loan for one of these properties. If you would rather not concern yourself with collecting the rent and managing the day to day business of the property, you’ll need to hire a property manager.

The property manager will address all of the business needs of the property and will get paid for their services by collecting a percentage of the rent.

3. Look Into Flipping

Getting into flipping properties is also an excellent way to invest in real estate. This is different from renting out a property, because you’re instead, fixing it up and selling it.

One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing a property for a small amount, fixing it up to improve the property values, and then selling it for a profit. Doing this requires you to have some knowledge of the real estate market and either know how to perform renovations or to hire some professionals that can perform this work for you.

4. Set Up a Real Estate Investment Trust

This is the ideal real estate investment opportunity if you don’t yet have enough capital to buy a property, but still want to get into the game.

With a real estate investment trust (REIT), you’re investing in companies that invest in real estate. This is similar to purchasing stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Buying into one of these accounts allows you to reduce some of the losses you might experience in the market, and also lets you study up on some of the major players in the field of real estate.

5. Get Into the Airbnb Market

Look into some Airbnb opportunities if you really want to see how real estate has evolved. By owning a real estate property, you can rent it by the night like a hotel with the Airbnb platform.

This grows your revenue potential by leaps and bounds since you’re not just locking yourself into a flat rate each month. Getting in Airbnbs requires you to hire a cleaning staff or property manager, and to also market the listing to get people to stay there.

Research the area to see what other nearby Airbnb rates are being charged, and to assess whether it’s an area that will be popular year-round.

6. Hunt for Foreclosures

Jumping on a foreclosure property is one of the least expensive ways to get into real estate. These are properties that the bank has seized due to non-payment.

As such, they are typically sold at auctions to recoup some of the cost. If you can find some foreclosure listings you will be able to purchase a quality property at a cheap rate. This improves your profit margins significantly and lowers the barrier of entry for investing in real estate.

7. Rent Out Part of Your Home

This is something that you can do right now with zero real estate knowledge. If you have an extra room in your home, or even better, a basement or attic, you can rent it out and start getting paid today.

This allows you to use your home as an asset, and you can start taking in capital that will let you make other real estate investments.

How to Get Started in Real Estate

These tips can help if you’re learning how to get started in real estate. Keep in mind that real estate is a neverending journey, so you’ll always want to learn more.

Consider these points and start reaching out to real estate experts that can help you.

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