Nagler Foot Center Offers Top Quality Medical Solutions in Houston

Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/17/2020 -- Nagler Foot Center is a clinic that specializes in adult and pediatric foot disorders. They offer the highest level of care and expertise. This clinic has a team of highly skilled doctors who are committed to relieving pain, restoring function, and improving the appearance of one's feet. They take immense pride in making patient's visits pleasant.

Offering insight about heel spur, the clinics spokesperson said, "Heel spurs are usually extremely uncomfortable and can often lead to a great deal of pain if left untreated. They may develop due to excess body weight, wearing poorly fitted shoes, complications with arthritis, and bruising of the heel. A heel spur usually takes the form of a bony-like growth. This is due to the calcium deposit that extends between the heel bone and the foot arch. It can grow up to half an inch in length, however, it may not be outwardly visible. Signs that may show one has a heel spur include swelling at the front of the heel, the pain felt in the heel region and inflammation. For a proper diagnosis and recommendations for treatment, clients can contact us."

An Achilles tendon is the thickest and strongest tendon in the human body connecting the gastrocnemius, soleus, and plantaris with the calcaneus. It is usually responsible for downward movement or planter flexion of the foot. A complete or partial rupture can interrupt the natural connection between the anklebone and calf muscle, which causes serious pain. Some of the causes of an Achilles tendon rupture include severe push movements and many more. Dancers, swimmers, basketball players, and many more have the biggest threat of this injury. Those looking for Achilles tendon repair in Houston can contact Nagler Foot Center. This clinic has a team of experienced foot specialists who can treat various Achilles tendon issues.

Responding to an inquiry on what are the foot problems one could get from wearing high heels, the clinics spokesperson said, "High heel shoes are a classy pair of footwear that almost all women are familiar with. However, they can be a detriment to the feet and the legs and body. If one chooses to ignore the pain and foot problems that they may get from wearing high heels, any injury they may get will be aggravated and could become a permanent foot problem. Such foot problems that one can get include foot and ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, reshaped muscles and tendons, and toe problems. To avoid such foot problems, one should consider wearing shoes with a low heel, high heels with a wider toe space, or consider wearing them sparingly."

Nagler Foot Center provides top quality medical solutions for various foot issues. Their founder, Dr. Nagler, is one of the most renowned podiatrists in Houston. He has served on the Operating Room, Therapeutics and Pharmacy Committees, and the Oral Examinations Committee of the American Board of Podiatric in Foot and Reconstructive Rear Foot and Ankle Surgery. Those wanting to consult a podiatrist in Houston can contact this clinic.

About Nagler
If you are looking to find a foot doctor in Houston look no further than Nagler Foot Center. This clinic has a team of foot specialists who have specialized in all types of foot problems. They are committed to providing excellent services to their clients.

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