Author’s Tranquility Press Presents “Malpractice in Madison: Breaking the Code of Silence, a Whistleblower’s Story” – A Tale of Courage and Integrity

Author's Tranquility Press Presents "Malpractice in Madison: Breaking the Code of Silence, a Whistleblower's Story" - A Tale of Courage and Integrity
People need to wake up! Your & your loved one’s healthcare system is broken.

In "Malpractice in Madison: Breaking the Code of Silence, a Whistleblower's Story," renowned author Dr. Ira Williams reveals a narrative that stands as a testament to unwavering courage and integrity. Published under the esteemed Author's Tranquility Press, this riveting book tells the tale of a remarkable whistleblower who dared to challenge the entire medical leadership in Wisconsin’s capital city.

While the events in this book took place 40 years ago, Dr. Williams’ step-by-step exposure of that city’s Catholic hospital’s medical staff, administration, and hospital system governing board’s blatant disregard for patient safety is recorded in copies of all of the official documents.  Dr. Williams broke the Code of Silence by testifying in a medical malpractice trial in the city in which he practiced because, as the second surgeon for that patient, he would have had to sell his soul not to do so.

Malpractice in Madison is a whistleblower’s story unlike any other story about how hospital medical staff, administrations, and yes, even their governing boards have always chosen the Code of Silence to protect doctors who have harmed patients. Dr. Williams has been saying for the past 10 years; becoming a patient in any hospital in America is like shooting craps in Las Vegas, not everyone comes out a winner.

Malpractice in Madison is Dr. Williams’ 5th book on the Healthcare Delivery System (doctors & hospitals), and he is the only healthcare expert who has been saying; he knows Why and How the current System is now, and has always been broken, but more importantly, he knows How to begin to create a 21st century System. This book takes the reader behind the curtain in hospital medical staff, and exposes the dark side of medical care that has always been there.

People need to wake up. Your & your loved one’s healthcare system has always been broken, and national and state elected decision-makers have demonstrated Selective Stupidity by failing to recognize and respond to that long standing problem.

For more information about the book and the author, please visit here.


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