Sacred African Science and Beyond: Abdullah’s Influence on Neville Goddard’s Law of Assumption

Sacred African Science and Beyond: Abdullah's Influence on Neville Goddard's Law of Assumption

Millions of people have heard of Neville Goddard and his famous Law of Assumption—and have used Neville Goddard’s teachings (that most know as the Law of Assumption)  to manifest great abundance, cars, health, homes, love, success, etc.,—but few know anything of his mysterious mentor, Abdullah … until now!  This book not only shares biographical details about PROFESSOR ABDULLAH, but shares EVERYTHING you need to know to manifest your best life.

I found Abdullah while studying Black history.

I first came to “the Law” in the course of studying Black history in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. Abdullah’s way of living was so different from that of James Baldwin (who was just a boy in Harlem at the time Neville met Abdullah in Manhattan), that I was astounded. I had difficulty believing Abdullah was real at first because he seemed so “white” to me, but that’s how ignorant of history I was. Unlike Baldwin, who grew up in Harlem, Abdullah was born in Ethiopia (where even Black people in the ruling class identified as “white”) and—like King Menelik II—was likely the son of a Chankalla slave (or possibly a slave himself).

These teachings are based on sacred African Science, Kemetic and Hermetic principles.

Most people quickly recognize some of the other influences in Neville’s teachings, but they don’t realize the other STRONG influences like Ancient African Science, Kemetic and Hermetic principles. While it’s unknown how much of Abdullah’s childhood he actually got to spend in Ethiopia, or at what point he lived in Israel and other countries, several clues were found in my research that support he was most likely not a Jewish “rabbi” as Neville claimed, but rather a JEWISH Ethiopian Orthodox CHRISTIAN and former priest. This also explains how he had such a vast knowledge and understanding of Hebrew and Greek, but from such a Christian lens that didn’t quite align with that of what I came across from the “Harlem Jews” or Beta Israel; it also explains his ties with Germans and the Catholic Church, his love of Parsifal, etc. Most people have no clue how “Jewish” the Ethiopian Christians have been historically.

These teachings were never meant to be prostituted, marketed and misused the way they have become in the “LOA” and “LOB” manifesting communities today.

Abdullah NEVER charged Neville a dime. In fact, Abdullah FED Neville during the Depression at a time when Neville was out of work and living in a rat-infested basement apartment. Contrary to my earlier fears that Abdullah was just a white-looking guy’s “magical negro” racist fantasy made up to fit his mystic backstory, Abdullah wasn’t in servitude to Neville at all. Rather, it was the other way around as it was Neville who worked for Abdullah (for 5-7 years).

These teachings are not only for showing you how to manifest health, money and material things; they are for helping you realize God-in-you and true Unity.

These teachings will help you successfully manifest money and material things in this “World of Caesar,” however, they were NEVER intended to be so perverted the way they have become today, particularly in the LOA and LOB communities.  We all have a role to play in this “metaphysical theatre” and, with this book, I’m stepping into the role of “John the Baptist” preparing they way for the “risen Lord,”; I’m guiding readers back to the real TRUE heart of the “Law” (which means TEACHINGS) by helping others realize the kingdom of heaven that is within each of us and not anything that can be bought or destroyed. These are SPIRITUAL teachings. They are sacred.

This book’s contents include, inter alia:

  • Biographical information about Abdullah and some of his students, including proof of a lesser-known student (evidence that I manifested using his principles)
  • LOTS of excerpts from Neville Goddard’s lectures that I organized according to topic, including notations about differences in narratives about the same stories.
  • 7 lessons on manifesting that walk you through the famous “You are in Barbados” talk (and teach you how to manifest), but with an added spin of looking from Abdullah’s perspective as I want him to be known as the man he was and not just the legend.
  • Abdullah’s famous affirmation that Neville Goddard quoted in his lectures, as well as insights and instructions on how to use it.
  • Abdullah’s “hearing before seeing” manifestation technique (that other coaches have adapted and teach as the “eavesdropping” or “gossip” method).
  • Abdullah’s famous “Unity” prayer with insights from his favorite scripture passage (John 17) that he had his students commit to memory recite at the end of every meeting.
  • 7 astral travel exercises
  • Quotes by other New Thought and Science of Mind leaders on specific key points, including Garland Anderson (he invented milkshakes and was the first Black playwright).
  • Extensive endnotes.
  • Examples from my own experience in applying these principles.

This first book in the series is focused on Abdullah’s teachings and purposefully priced extremely low so that those in need can afford it. You should NEVER have to manifest large sums of money just to be able to learn how to manifest money or anything else!

Praise to the unity of unities that is our unity, one in all and all in one.

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