Bryon Noem Small Business Owner in South Dakota Interviewed by Frank Helring and Natasha Friedman on BizZne$$ BuzZ

The state of small business in America would be revealed in no uncertain terms were it a reporting of a state such as California, New York, Texas or the like. There has been no end to the copy that has been disclosed by our ever vigilant media sources during the pandemic so that we are agaze with all of the events and policies that these above mentioned states have employed in response to the worst business interruption ever encountered and still currently endured in the history of the United States.

Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2021 -- States Rights! A term that you do not hear of as often as the original founders of this nation intended. We have unfortunately become dependent on the treatises and the beckoning of those elected representatives of the states who place full confidence and acknowledgement by the manifestation of the simplest of tools ever devised by the mind of man the individual FREEDOM of the POWER of a VOTING citizen of the state that oversees both internal and external (federal) election processes. Today, we will journey to a not as well recognized state of the Union until most recently when it's Governor brought the house down with a speech that is still ringing in the halls that she delivered it in. The State of South Dakota. A state that has as it's most recognized asset the faces of 4 former President's who have long since passed but whose images have been preserved to remind of all of their individual contributions that still have a lasting impression upon us today. Today I will be interviewing Bryon Noem who in his own right is a Small Businessman and now carrying a more weighty role as the First Gentleman of South Dakota as he is married to Kristi Noem, Governor, State of South Dakota. Bryon like all of us has weathered the COVID19 pandemic but with a very different result due to the foresight and fortitude of his insightful partner in life who has gone against the grain of the majority of the surrounding states and their electorate who have made other more restrictive choices to conduct their policies in a different outcome. Together, we will find out how Bryon Noem has navigated and weathered the storm that has been so upending of the small business community of the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

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